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Why print data sheets online?

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This question, very common among certain types of industries, it is often raised by companies that want to edit a collection of their products or services for commercial purposes. However, in our aim to pave the way for our customers, we will demonstrate that this difficulty is more apparent than real.

Indeed, let’s for one instant imagine the marketing director of a company devoted to the selling organic food. Prices of such products are subject to frequent changes, and not just prices, but even some of the products offered. There are products that, by their nature, may be available for a while and then removed after a few months. In this case, if the catalog (or collection of products) undergoes frequent changes in some of its sections, the best solution would be printing it but not binding it, that is, the product catalog will adopt the format of sheets (single sheets). In this way, if after a first print run it is necessary to change some of the sheets because the products or prices have been updated, simply reprinting just the updated sheets will suffice.

Printing data sheets becomes then the ideal solution. Our marketing director orders a first printing by the total amount of sheets that make up the product catalog. Then the sheets are handed out among its main customers and partners. And if in the future, be it near or far, the need to modify content in some sections arises, it will be necessary to reprint only the updated sheets, and to distribute them to customers and prospects. It's that simple.

Print online tabs: the perfect solution for high rotation catalogs (for more information, click this box)

What is the container of your data sheets?

One of the finishing options available in our online shop is the possibility to make file holes. You can choose between 1, 2 or 4 holes, depending on the data sheet size. The fact of activating the file holes option is suitable in the event of the sheets being inserted into a ring binder.

Therefore, ring binders are the ideal container for your data sheets. But not the only one. If you want to print your data sheets and you have discarded the file holes, you could consider inserting the sheets into a presentation folder instead.

Any of the 2 options is perfectly valid. Everything depends on your specific needs. We can print both ring binders and presentation folders, these last ones are available in our online store in a wide range of models.

Printing data sheets for inserting them into ring binders is a widespread and at the same time very elegant solution. Indeed, ring binders are a high quality product that your customers and partners will want to keep on their shelves. The set of ring binder + data sheets is a very useful tool. It can be consulted easily, is always available… and at sight.

Ring binder for holding data sheets, yes, but… D-rings or round rings?

D-rings resemble an inverted “D”. Unlike round rings, whose mechanism is placed on the back of the folder, the mechanism of the D-ring is placed inside the back cover, next to the binder spine.

D-rings are the most commonly used and are offered in several sizes. The smallest size is 16mm, the next one is 20mm. (sections of 5mm: 25-30-35-40…), up to a maximum available of 65mm. We must clarify that this measure corresponds to the height of the straight part of the ring, measured from the inside.

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Perhaps by now you've wondered: how to calculate the spine of my ring binder? Well, the spine always correlates with the size of the rings. The pattern is as follows: 15mm have to be added to the rings’ size. For example, D-rings of 20mm will correspond to an outer spine 35mm width. 25mm D-rings will correspond to an outer spine of 40mm. To find the appropriate spine for D-rings larger than 30mm, 15 to 20mm must be added.

Knowing the thickness of the data sheet block to be printed, you can know the diameter of the D-rings for your ring binder, and once you have the diameter you can calculate the binder spine. An example: If the thickness of your data sheet set is 10mm, the diameter of the D-rings is 16mm (the minimum available) and therefore the spine should be 30mm.

Some technical considerations on data sheet printing

The usual ring binder closed size suitable to contain DIN A4 data sheets, is 26x32 cm.

Continuing with the same example, when you are designing the ring binder to contain DIN A4 sheets, you must consider using these measures:
26cm back cover + 0.3cm courtesy + 3cm spine + 0.3 courtesy + 26cm cover = 55,6cm width x 32cm high. This should be the size of our InDesign or Illustrator document, but: Attention! The document bleed shouldn't be the usual 3mm, but 20mm. This is because the paper that lines the folder cardboard has to wrap around it completely and has to be sticked to the cardboard on the inner side of the folder.

As for papers that make up the folder, basically are 2: liner and endpapers. Liner is the paper on the external side of the folder, and is very important to laminate it in order to protect the paper from any scratches during the production process. Endpapers are the sheets sticked against the cardboard on the inner side of the folder.

Special mention deserves the cardboard, which is the “soul” on which the liner and the endpapers are glued. His thickness usually is between 2 to 2.5mm.

If our folder will only be printed on the outer side (ie, liner is printed, endpapers unprinted) the paper liner could be a 150gsm coated gloss or semi-matte and a 140gsm white offset for the endpapers. If, on the contrary, both the liner and the endpapers will be printed, then same paper can be used for both (eg, gloss or semi-gloss coated 150gsm, both laminated). The important thing is to know that the weight of both types of paper (liner and endpapers) must be between a minimum of 135gsm and a maximum of 150gsm.

The 2 types of end handling: sets of sheets or single sheets

Printing cards in our online store allows both types of end handling: sets of sheets or single sheets.

You can choose the one that's most suitable for you: sets of sheets, so that they can be incorporated directly into your ring binders or single sheets, that is, served in packages, each package containing a separate model (all the sheets on a package belonging to the same model). Sets of sheets are delivered in 1u. sets. Single sheets can be delivered shrink-wrapped in packs of 250 or 500 u.

Something to take into account when designing the printed sheets?

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When printing data sheets you should ask yourself the following question, even before undertaking the early stages of design: the sheets that will be printed are going to fill up a ring binder or not? That is, do they have to have file holes?

This issue may generate a bit of a surprise, as you could ask yourself what is the relationship between the layout and the final destination of the sheets.

Well, the explanation is simple: file holes perforate the paper, so we must be careful to keep about 15 mm. space to the left of the page (in the front) and to the right of the page (on the back) free of important or useful information. Can you imagine that one or more of the holes drills useful text? It may be tolerable if the perforations are on background images or motives but the effect is very negative if you are drilling texts, because you can lose the meaning of a sentence.

Our experience suggests to keep this 15 mm vertical "strip" free of useful content. It is simple to understand, but sometimes the dynamics of daily work, the hurries, continuous changes in the design ... can make us lose sight of details that are important to the quality of the printed product.

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