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Postcards are the irreplaceable product par excellence in the world of printing. In fact, no digital product can meet their functionality and practicality. Printing postcards is, for many years, a great marketing decision. Postcards are a major tourist attraction. The tourism sector is one of the most benefitted when it comes to printing of postcards... but is not the only one. Indeed, kiosks and bookstores of the vast majority of towns and tourist areas offer a wide selection of postcards: the most representative buildings, monuments and natural beauty spots are printed on postcards and sold as a souvenir.

And postcard printing can also be used on events, and the world of art is no stranger to this reality. Indeed, the most prestigious art galleries use postcards in order to hand them out to the assistants at the opening of their exhibitions. Usually on the front we can find one or more photographs of the artist, and on the back the technical data of the exhibition, places, etc.

Actually, any economic sector benefits from printing postcards. Invitations, whatever they are, can adopt the form of a postcard. We can print postcards to invite our customers and partners at a commemorative dinner. We can also print postcards to publicize a fair, an exhibition, a conference ... Whatever the event you celebrate, you need an invitation. And any invitation takes the form of a postcard, in any format available. Do you have something to celebrate? Need to organize a social event? Would you like to share it with your friends, clients, employees...? In our online shop we have the solution: printing postcards is your best bet.

Why postcards are so popular?

Firstly, because of their seniority in the market. Postcards are one of the oldest graphics products, and remain fully valid today. Secondly, they are intensely endearing. Postcards of touristic content are a memory, a souvenir of the places that we or our family or our friends have visited. Touristic postcards can be very emotive, and the simple fact of beholding them evokes feelings and thoughts related to the images captured on them.

Third, because they are very practical. The combination of a compact format and a heavyweight paper is ideal. Its format allows to file them comfortably, and can be carried without any hassle. Postcards let us convey concise and direct messages: the contents communicated by postcards are characterized by their simplicity and conciseness, and that’s very important for the recipients of our postcards because they get the message contained in them in a very direct way.

Has printing postcards a future?

This question answers itself. Since postcard printing enjoys a booming, even in the present digital age, they are also a product of the future. Postcards are a classic product in the field of graphic arts. What is a classic? In literature or music, a work is said to be a classic when it becomes timeless, that is, remains current and valid, although centuries have passed since its initial publication. Well, postcards are that timeless, classic product so appreciated and loved by all.

In our shop you will find a summary of the main features of the postcards, in order to help you in your buying decision. Check it out in just a few clicks!

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