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Metallic Effect Printing
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Metallic Effect Printing

This section is designed exclusively from the perspective of Metallic Effect Printing. The following is a selection of some typical commercial printing products where you can use paper with a metallic appearance. This particular effect, added to full color printing and even the use of white ink, lets us enjoy a really unique product. This category does not include metallic inks, this is not the case: we get the metallic touch from the print support, not inks. The kind of metallic impression that we offer allows you to choose from three different metallic colors: gold, silver and pearl white.

Metallized paper: high impact at low prices

We can think of metallized printing as something very expensive, because the added value applied to the printed product is worthwhile, but the truth is it isn’t expensive at all: today, the new offset and digital printing technologies allow using a variety of supports and metallized papers are part of that family.

The printing system is the same as that used for conventional commercial printing, the only thing that changes is the print support, but as our machinery is already prepared to do this kind of work, the added cost is relatively little compared to the extra value you obtain by using metallized paper.

The point is that there is a lot of misinformation about this subject, so we want to demystify it a little in our online store concept regarding printing value beyond what we usually know.

White ink and metallic effect printing

Metallic effect printing is simple to produce, it is not difficult for us, printers; when working with this type of paper, on the contrary, the most complex aspect is the layout, because here comes into play the ability to print with white ink, and using this ink on a design requires a little imagination.

You can use this special white ink as a "background", so that the final design will overprint the white background which in turn is printed on the metallized support. This can be useful in order to show the picture’s true colors, not the metallic tone that would otherwise show up if we didn’t use the white ink layer.

We can also print text or logos on the white layer, and they look really good, especially teaming up with the metallized paper, which closes the circle of design at an aesthetic level, so the possibilities are diverse and very attractive.

Metallic printing: a special touch!

In our range of printed products we offer the ones that we think will allow you to get the most out of metallic effect printing, and we’d like to take this opportunity to give you some interesting ideas you may have not come up with, regarding the best ways to make the most of this beautiful effect in your day-to-day print works.

impresin metalizada

Bi-fold brochures

Bi-fold brochures: Using a Christmas design, full of bright golden stars, snowflakes and starry skies, you can use metallized paper to simulate all these nature effects. People who’s going to receive the card will be amazed: you’ll leave them speechless, guaranteed! Imagine you want to simulate a starry night sky: by using metallized paper you can create a design with a printed background sky and colorless stars, over a golden paper. The stars, having no color applied, will be seen of the same color as the underlying paper.

impresin metalizada


Postcards: Imagine you've come back from a very cold place, for example Norway, and you have taken a lot of photos and you want to print and hand them out as a git to some of your friends, as there’s nothing more interesting than a metallic postcard.Using one of your photos you can print an image (of a fjord for example) on a silver paper, getting the desired metallic touch. The good thing about this kind of metallic support is that it perfectly allows writing on it with a pen, so you can not only print it… you can write a personal dedication too!

impresin metalizada

Business Cards

Business Cards: This type of printed product can be used as a special presentation card. For example: let’s suppose you are a sales representative working for a technology company in which aluminum tones are the predominant colors; From this perspective the company could think of printing metallized business cards, simply by putting the text on black printed directly on the silver paper support. In this case white ink could be used for the company logo, leaving a really impressive business card.

Bi-fold business cards

Bi-fold business cards: The metallized effect, together with the folding, conveys a greater aesthetic presence than in the case of common business cards. These cards could be printed for example on a white pearl paper, with a full-color logo, finally obtaining a really nice metallized white effect.


Bookmarks: Bookmarks are often re-used, people throw them away only after using them for a long time. For this reason giving a metallic touch to your bookmarks can make them to be used much longer, because the receiver will not want to get rid of them. The metallic finish looks really good on bookmarks.

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