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Print quality magazines and catalogs

Magazines are one of our main specialties. We’ve been printing magazines and catalogs for more than 30 years. We offer a wide variety of options in sizes, inks, types of paper and types of binding.

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Print short run saddle stiched magazines

100 8-page magazines = 107,45 €

Print saddle stitched magazines within 24-48 h

1000 16-page magazines = 398,32 €

Print magazines and catalogs for professionals

5000 28-page magazines = 1.581,86 €

Magazines & Catalogues
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Corporate catalog printing

Printing catalogs has been and still is our specialty for more than twenty years. We can carry out catalog printing in different types of binding: stapled catalogs, paperback, wire-o / spiral and hardcover catalogs.

In times of digital catalogs, we claim the benefits of corporate paper catalogs. Indeed, a good printed catalog is still an excellent way to raise awareness of the services offered by a company. These are, in our view, its advantages:

Differentiation: A few years ago having its catalogs online could make an SME stand out. Today, this doesn't make a difference. Indeed, having a quality printed catalog does. The mere fact of showing your products by means of a printed catalog automatically positions your company as a top quality supplier within your niche market.

Segmentation: When printing catalogs it’s you who decide how to give them out, ie who you want to reach. With a good understanding of where your potential customers are and a little common sense, you can multiply the effectiveness of your investment in communication.

IIntegration Print media are today an indispensable part of a marketing mix, allowing harmoniously integrate different channels. For example, your catalog may contain QR codes linked to product pages on your website or perhaps Augmented Reality patterns. That is, the print channel can lead your customers to the online channel ... but not vice versa.

Presence: a printed catalog will be a part of your client’s working environment. It can be easily transported, it can be consulted by several people at the same time, you can write down on it, it’s handy to use ... definitely, a printed catalog is the best tool of your sales team.

Getting magazine printing prices

The following shows the advantages of our online store section devoted to calculating magazine prices, compared to those offered by other online printers.

We offer magazine printing on different types of paper (glossy coated, demi matte, recycled, white offset and ivory-shade offset), for weights ranging from 80 to 350 g. Prints can be made in black, full color (most common option) and also in Pantone spot inks. We can bind magazines with 2 normal staples or 2 or 4 omega staples.

In the "Finishing" section you can specify global details related to the product and the shipment preparation:

  • Binding Types
  • Type of Handling: Wrapped in paper / Shrink-wrapped, and units per pack
  • If you wish blunt edges or holes file for your magazine
  • If you wish standard boxes (with Cevagraf logo) or non-branded (no logo)
  • Variable Data (Number of Variables / Number of Records): For custom print jobs, you can indicate how many fields will hold variable information, and how many records your database contains.

In the "Covers" section you can specify separately the cover specs in case they are different from those of the interior. It is also possible to indicate other specifications regarding covers such as:

  • If flaps are included or not, and if so, its size.
  • If covers require lamination or not (gloss, matt, anti scratch; on one or both sides).
  • If covers require Spot UV varnish or not, specifying it by % covering.

A good place to print catalogs

For saddle-stitched catalogs, virtually 100% of the production process takes place in our facilities without any outsourcing. This guarantees a perfect tracking of the production process and strict adherence to delivery times.

The production team that we have is geared to printing saddle-stitched black & white and color catalogs, for all kinds of print runs.

You can access the 360º image of our print shop on the link below, which highlights our machinery specialised in CMYK catalog printing: The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75/10: 10 printing units + perfecting device, which means you can print five colors (typically CMYK + varnish) on both sides in a single pass of the paper sheet through the machine.

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As for paperback catalogs we want you to know that our online catalog printing service is perfect for self-publishing authors, small and medium-sized publishers, or associations that wish to print reports or other documents in a book-style binding, doctors who want to print their thesis etc. Why? Because our digital printing machines allow us to print catalogs at affordable prices even in case of very short runs.

With regard to wire-o and spiral binding, we offer a comprehensive printing and binding service at our facilities, ensuring full quality control in all processes and optimal delivery times.

As a complement to your catalog, you might also be interested in our options for printing bookmarks.

Cevagraf has been printing magazines and catalogs of all kinds for more than 28 years. Magazines and Catalogs are one of our main specialties and it is not a gratuitous claim! Indeed, our company is organized so that the process of producing a magazine or catalog is made from the start to finish in our facilities.

Companies, Cultural Associations, sports clubs, NGOs, ... magazine printing continues to be a powerful way to advertise and communicate whose advantages can’t be matched by digital communication: greater reading comfort, better transmission of brand values and not to mention the deeper marketing impact compared to digital publications.

If you're looking for cheap print magazines, you've come to the right place: in Cevagraf we specialize in the printing of magazines at a good price.

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Magazine Printing

We specialize in stapled brochures printing.

Stapled binding is the union of all the pages of the magazine using 2 or 4 wire staples (both in its normal mode as omega-shaped: you can use it if you want to archive your magazine in a ring binder).

It's the simplest, most widely used type of binding.

Catalog Printing

Catalog Printing is part of our history.

Catalog printing involves a more complex binding because it requires more pages, so paperback in its various forms (sewn, notch or PUR binding) is used. This means that our catalog or book will have spine.

PUR binding is the most widespread type of binding for catalogs.

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