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Letter paper printing

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Printing custom letter paper with your corporate image is a means of strengthening your brand, whether you're a freelancer or a company. As part of the corporate stationery, printing of letter paper is often accompanied by other products, such as business cards.

We offer printing of letterhead in the standard DIN A4 and DIN A5 format. As for the paper, we offer you only offset paper, as this is the most suitable for this type of product for its ability to absorb ink. The available weights are 80, 90 and 100 gsm., Which are suitable for inkjet printing, i.e. these papers can be used without any problems on inkjet printers. Our modern digital printing machinery allows us to be competitive in price for letter paper, even in case of ordering just a few units.

Invoice printing

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In the digital age, it might seem that the printing of paper bills is something from another era. Well, nothing further from reality. If you don’t believe it, look at this fact:

An emailed digital invoice emits 242 g of CO2, equivalent to producing and sending out 15 paper invoices. That is, printing paper invoices is much more environmentally friendly than sending digital invoices.

In addition, if you want to be remembered by your customers and / or prospects, printing invoices with the corporate image of your company can be an effective strategy. Invoice sheets are an everyday tool of admin departments, and your logo will be there, strengthening your corporate image, making your brand increasingly memorable. In Cevagraf we offer printing invoices in the standard sizes DIN A4 and DIN A5.

In our online store you’ll find the option of making file holes. This option is useful for the user to archive letters and invoices in ring binders. Also, both letter paper and invoice paper are always delivered shrink-wrapped in packages of 500 units. which is the standard for this type of products, and it is also very handy for the final user. Shrink-wrapping letter paper and invoices has the great advantage of protecting them from environmental factors such as humidity.

Print letters and invoices: more popular than never ever

Paper printing of custom letter: variable data for direct marketing

Thinking specially in agencies and internal marketing departments, we developed the possibility to get instant prices for Variable Data Printing (VDP). Now you can instantly know the cost of custom printing your letterhead: you must just provide how many variable fields you want to include in the final print and the number of records to be customized, and immediately you’ll get the price. Your direct marketing campaigns are now easier than ever!

The positive impact produced by variable data printing on the receiver of your cards is very remarkable, as he feels that he receives a personal treatment on your part, something very important in a depersonalized society like ours. The mere fact of getting such particular treatment generates trust in the addressee of our communications, which will favorably influence him towards your company.

A matter of trust… in letterhead printing

Trust is essential in human relations. Any economic activity is based upon mutual trust. This applies to all facets of life: We trust that we’ll earn a fair wage and we'll receive it on time; we trust that we’ll obtain a good quality work within the set deadline; we trust that our company is taking the right decisions in order to thrive, etc, etc.

Well, letterhead printing is one of the most powerful tools to develop such confidence in our customers and partners. A nice letterhead design, including a good quality logo, appropriate colors and right information about the company, will immediately make a very good impression. Things catch our eyes. So it is, and in our daily lives we can constantly verify it. If you are sent a photocopied letter with a low resolution logo and a careless typography… Will you trust a company who is sending this? Probably you won't. This is the reason why for a company is so important to deliver a proper brand image, as we said at the beginning of this article.

When it comes to printing letterhead paper, how can we strengthen our brand image?

By using a good resolution logo, that symbolizes our company. We should apply it to all of our stationery: headed paper, invoices, business cards, flyers, folders, magazines, catalogs...but the logo may have distinct applications in order to adapt it to different backgrounds. (It’s not the same thing placing it on a white or on a black background, for example). Essentially, it has to be unique in its shape, so it can be easily recognizable by the general public. Car manufacturers have a logotype, just one, and they apply it in all their models. From the cheapest one to the flagship of the brand, through the compact models, sedans… all of them incorporate the same logo. When walking by the street, we can immediately recognize any car belonging to a brand because such brand is clearly shown up by means of its logo. Have you ever seen a Mercedes Benz showing up a brand other than a star with 3 radius inside a circle? You haven't, right?

By means of a corporate typeface. Fonts also allow to identify a brand or a company. In fact, the most prestigious brands have their own typeface which is applied in all print media: letters, catalogs, folders, brochures… and they also use that same font in media other than print.

By means of corporate colors. Such colors can be Pantone® spot inks or process inks (CMYK). The most prestigious companies, whatever the sector they belong to, they have a style guide in which the main applications of logos, fonts, colors, etc. and their different variations are collected, according to the media where they are going to be used.

What kind of information can I include when printing an invoice?

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There are a lot of possibilities. When it comes to printing invoices, you can take advantage and include information of great interest to your customers, who after all are the receivers. These texts are often put on the back of the invoices. Obviously, for doing this you have to select 2 side printing in the “Color” dropdown in our online store (either full color or just black). Let’s check out some examples:

Sales terms and conditions. Set of company rules regarding invoices, order supply, payment conditions, etc.

Network of delegations or distributors of your company.. This relationship confer prestige to your company, because your customer perceives your company is solid and widely established.

Advice on how to use some of your products: It’s not about including a summarized handbook, it's more about general use recommendations, which could more particularly affect users safety.

List of your products or services. Probably your costumers already know well what you can offer to them, but is not a bad idea to remind them of your full range of options.

When printing invoices, it’s very important to include on the front or back the company tax data, specially the VAT Nr., which is compulsory.

Microperforated letters and invoices

As you can see in our online store we offer the possibility of printing microperforated letterheads and invoice. This perforation is often done in the sense of the 21 cm. (width). If we divide the paper up into 3 segments (29.7 divided by 3), the perforation is often done at the junction between the segments 2 and 3 so that the lower segment is 9.9 x 21 cm., and after tearing off, it has its “own entity”. This solution applies when we print invoices with built-in receipt. The invoice itself occupies the upper 2 segments and the receipt the lower segment. The microperforation allows for a convenient tearing off of the receipt.

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