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Print cheap folded leaflets

Printing leaflets through our online store is an easy and very simple task. If you access the "Folded Leaflet" section of our website you’ll see the 15 modalities available. So you can visually identify wich one you need.

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Print short run half fold leaflet, simple and cheap

100 full color DIN A5 half fold = 54,07 €

Print folded leaflets tri fold
(letterfold / z fold)

2.500 u., same price for letterfold and z fold = 238,43 €

Print 4 panel fold: maximum information, minimum space

5.000 full color DIN A5 - 4 panel fold = 315,32 €

Folded leaflets
Select a Product
Print Half fold
Half fold
Print Tri Fold (Letterfold / Z Fold)
Tri Fold (Letterfold / Z Fold)
Print A4 Tri Fold (Letterfold / Z Fold)
A4 Tri Fold (Letterfold / Z Fold)
Print A4 4 panel Fold (Letterfold / Z Fold)
A4 4 panel Fold (Letterfold / Z Fold)
Print 4 Panel Fold
4 Panel Fold
Print Closed Gate Fold
Closed Gate Fold
Print 5 Panel Fold
5 Panel Fold
Print 6 Panel Fold
6 Panel Fold
Print 7 Panel Fold
7 Panel Fold
Print Cross Fold
Cross Fold
Print Tri Fold + Half Fold
Tri Fold + Half Fold
Print Cross Fold + Half Fold
Cross Fold + Half Fold
Print 4 Panel Fold + Half Fold
4 Panel Fold + Half Fold
Print 5 Panel Fold + Half Fold
5 Panel Fold + Half Fold
Print 6 Panel Fold + Half Fold
6 Panel Fold + Half Fold
Print 7 Panel Fold + Half Fold
7 Panel Fold + Half Fold

  Folded leaflets online printing: the best way to reach your audience      More info

Advertising leaflets: maximum information, minimum space

When printing folded leaflets you’re making one of the most flexible and efficient marketing investments. Why this flexibility? Due to the fact that by printing leaflets once, you can boost several marketing actions: mail sending of the folded leaflets (half-fold, tri-fold) to prospect databases, handing out of leaflets at specific places (fairs, congresses...), using leaflets in your marketing network, as a selling tool... the possibilities are really extensive.

Advertising folded leaflets are extremely practical. They provide the great advantage of conveying a lot of information in a small space. They’re easy to handle while keeping them closed, and you only have to open them when you want to check more information, closing them afterwards.

Leaflet printing is an excellent marketing decision. As the range of folding types we offer is so wide, you will be able to communicate anything you may come up with, and at a reasonable price.

In this field, imagination is your best ally.

Folded leaflets and their main applications

folletos plegados

From all the brochure types, half fold and tri fold leaflets are the most versatile. Here there are some of their most common applications:

Dental Centres (dentists): Mouth’s care is vital, we should take into account that a first digestion is made there, before going on in the stomach. Having teeth in good condition directly influences our health. All of us have needed a dentist’s service at some time in our life. We don’t put ourselves in the hands of just anybody because it’s a very sensitive issue. For this reason, it's always useful to keep some advertising brochures at home so we can compare prices and features offered by dental care centres.

Podiatry clinics: Feet bear the weight of our body and they need to be taken care of.

Phisiotherapy and osteopathy centres: Who has never suffered from backache?

Organic shops (bio food, health, beauty, etc): Organic products are trendy because they are good for our health and contribute to respect the environment.

Convenience stores and supermarkets, showing their products on sale during a given period.

Pizzerias and takeaway food stores. With the pace of modern life, we’ve got little time to cook.

Car repair & maintenance shops. Most of us own a car or motorbike that must be maintained.

Computer repair and maintenance companies. Most of us own PCs, printers...

Electronic equipment manufacturing companies. Most of the instruction manuals and warranties that accompany these products are usually folded brochures.

Kitchen, bathroom and parquet floor renovation companies… As time goes by our homes deteriorate.

Boiler selling and installation companies: We cannot do without warm water and heaters.

Laundries and dry cleaners: we’ve got curtains, tableclothes, delicate clothes… that we can’t wash in our washing machines.

Upholstery shops. Our coaches and armchairs always wear away.

Furnishings and matress shops. The average durability of a matress is less than ten years.

Pest control companies. Proliferation of insects at home is annoying.

Cultural and sports associations. Activities in our leisure time.
And so on.

DIN A4 tri fold leaflets are commonly used either as a company’s presentation catalog or as catalogs for a specific range of products. It’s a very attractive product, and can be even more distinguished if laminated. Its large size allows layouts with big-sized photographs. The information it contains is usually concise, as this type of leaflet is extremely visual.

Cross folded and Cross fold + half fold leaflets are suitable for print jobs similar to newspapers, like the brochures delivered in fairs and social events.

4, 5, 6, 7 panel fold + half fold leaflets are suitable to print town maps for touristic and commercial purposes. When we travel to an unknown city on a business trip or on holidays, we usually go to the tourist information office to get a dropdown street map, so we can orientate ourselves in that town. Such maps also usually include some advertising about restaurants, hotels and touristic spots, with their contact information and addresses. That makes these drop-down maps become true customer attractors.

A little culture about folded leaflets

In French, the word for each panel of a folded leaflet is “volet”. Well, in the language of Molière that word (volet) also applies to the shutters (small wooden doors) in the windows of certain ancient buildings. In Spanish, the term "plegado en ventana" (closed gate folding) also comes from the double-paned windows fitted with wooden shutters.

The words “Diptych” and “triptych” come from the world of art. In fact, in the Renaissance, diptychs were pictures on 2 wooden pieces that could be closed on one side, just like a book. Triptychs were pictures made up of 3 wooden pieces assembled in such a way that the right and left panels could be folded over the central panel.

Printing leaflets through our online store is an easy task. If you access the "Folded Leaflet" section of our website you’ll see the 15 modalities available. As a picture is worth a thousand words, beside the name of each product (half fold, tri fold, 4 panel fold ...) we have added a sketch for each product. So you can visually identify which one you need.

These considerations are useful when designing advertising brochures.

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Folded leaflets printing

With the word "panel" we identify the number of sheets.

A half-fold (diptych) is made up of 2 panels; a tri-fold (triptych), 3 panels; and so on.
In the closed gate fold, the 2 outer panels fold inwards, simulating the movement of the shutters (small wooden doors) of a window.
In a cross fold, we are actually folding firstly as a diptych on the horizontal axis, and then in diptych again on the vertical axis.
In a cross fold + diptych, we add a third fold (ie: 1st: diptych on the horizontal axis; 2nd: diptych on the vertical axis; 3rd: diptych on the horizontal axis again).
When we talk about: TRI FOLD + HALF FOLD, 4 PANEL FOLD + HALF FOLD, 5 PANEL FOLD + HALF FOLD, 6 PANEL FOLD + HALF FOLD, 7 PANEL FOLD + HALF FOLD with the expression "+ HALF FOLD" we mean that, once we have folded we make a final fold on the opposite axis.

Z fold is what we have shown in the sketches. The leaflet is folded like an accordion, so the three panels are the same length. In the case of a letterfold, one panel folds inwards, therefore these panel has to be a bit shorter than the front and back panels. ie, for a brochure measuring 10 x 21 cm. (closed format) folded as a letterfold, its panels will measure (displaying the outer side): 9.7 cm. (left panel) + 10 cm (back cover = central panel) + 10 cm. (front cover = right panel). Open format is therefore 29.7 x 21 cm.

What are folded leaflets?

Folded leaflets are products which once printed, can be folded in many different ways. In our online store you can easily print leaflets choosing from a comprehensive set of possibilities. What is the predominant feature when printing folded brochures? Well, advertising brochures always have 2 types of formats: open and closed.

The open format is determined by the leaflet's crop marks. The closed or finished format is the final format, ie the resulting format after making the successive foldings.

For example, closed format 10 x 21 cm is a very common size for leaflets. The open format is 20 cm. x 21 cm. (the measure of both panels is 10 + 10 cm.)

In our shop we have tried to simplify. In order to speed things up when it comes to getting the price of your folded leaflet, the “Size” popup shows only the closed format. After all, this is the format most commonly used by designers, clients and printers Our system automatically calculates the open formats depending on the number of panels and the type of folding.

But we wanted to go a step further. Also for the sake of paving the way to print folded leaflets, we offer a range of 15 different types of folds. With this we intend to meet your needs when you print leaflets.

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