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Presentation Folders
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Presentation folders convey a sense of cleanliness, reliability and taste for things well done. And, you know, when it comes to positioning your company in the customer's mind, first impressions count. Submitting a proposal, budget or project within a custom presentation folder including our logo and corporate image, is a very different experience than presenting it in a dull, nonbranded container.

Presentation folders, if made with the right materials and a successful design, will contribute to automatically position your company as a serious player in the market in which it operates. Its importance is even greater than other classical elements of corporate stationery, since the purpose of a presentation folder is to contain, protect and enable the transport of documents such as quotes, proposals and corporate catalogs, which will be in your customer’s hands at least until they have taken their purchase decision.

Therefore, heavyweight paper stock must be used on presentation folders, to guarantee a greater stiffness. Lamination of this product is highly recommended, for 2 reasons: first, to protect the printing during the die-cutting process; and secondly, to provide the folders more quality and distinction, which can be boosted even further by adding a UV varnish finishing.


Presentation folders: a summary of your catalog

At the beginning of this text we talked about the idea of presentation folders as document wrappers. But with a bit more of imagination, we can find even more interesting utilities for our presentation folders: They can become a summary of our catalog. That is, when handing out a presentation folder, we are not just delivering the documents it contains; folders convey your corporate image and therefore information about your products or services can also be included in the layout, so your folder becomes a summary of your catalog.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you're the marketing director of a company devoted to manufacturing electronic components. When the time to print your presentation folder comes, you select full-color, two-sided printing. The layout, both on the inside and on the outside will include 2 full-page, low-opacity, faded images of your flagship products. On the cover, you include your logo and an attractive company slogan. On the inside (in fact, 2 pages: inside front cover and inside back cover) you paste a description of your flagship products, along with a photo of each of them and a list of technical specs. On the outer back cover, you put a map with your distribution areas and your contact information. Undoubtedly, your presentation folder serves as a summary of your catalog.

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