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Print 11 x 22 cm. Envelopes
11 x 22 cm. Envelopes
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Open End Envelopes
Print 11,5 x 22,5 cm. Envelopes
11,5 x 22,5 cm. Envelopes
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Envelopes always have played a role in protecting privacy of personal and business communications. The envelope gives greater formality, and by acting as a wrapper, encourages interest in the message contained on it. We can give many examples where envelope printing is essential to give more emphasis to communication: it is the case, for example, of invitation envelopes, or the envelopes used as a vehicle of direct marketing advertising campaigns.

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The range of envelopes on the market is remarkable. There are many formats and types of paper, some of them are considered as "creative". But, in our quest for simplicity, we will not make an exhaustive study of all of them, so we are going to focus on the most common ones.

In our online store you will find a broad range of formats for printing envelopes:

11 x 22 cm. Envelopes. You have these options: 1/0 (black), 2/0 (2 spot colors) and 4/0 (full color). We can offer you two types of envelopes: a) without window and with silicone strip; b) with right window and silicone strip.

11.5 x 22.5 cm. Envelopes. Available in the same print options and the two modalities (without window and right window) that their 11 x 22 cm. “sibling”.

Open End Envelopes. Available in 16.2 x 22.9 cm. format. You can choose between two types: a) without window, with silicone strip and self sealing; and b) without window, with silicone strip, self sealing for advertising.

Catalog Envelopes. Available in 22.9 x 32.4 cm format. You can also choose between two types: a) without window, with silicone strip and self sealing; and b) without window, with silicone strip, self sealing for advertising.

In both cases (Open End and Catalog Envelopes), when choosing color you’ll find these 3 options: 1 /0 (black), 2/0 (2 spot colors) and 4/0 (full color).

Precautions when designing envelopes

Unlike other graphic products, that are printed on large sheets of paper and then are trimmed to its final size, envelopes go into the presses and are printed at its actual size. This means that when the envelopes go into the press, they will be picked up one by one, therefore a strip of about 11 mm. width has to be left free from any design element. Filling your layout up with unnecessary frills or big-sized elements of any kind is not advisable. Please note that the stability of the envelopes when passing through the offset press is not the same as that of a flat sheet. Consider also that envelopes, by their nature, are usually not perfect in size, ie, there are very slight variations in size between them, even if they come from a same consignment.

If any object in your artwork requires bleed, instead of the usual 3 mm. bleeding area, you must leave only 1 mm. and ensure that these objects are not big spots or backgrounds.

If the layout fills the whole envelope size, even covering the back of it, ie, bleed is required on all sides, then a make-to-order production may be necessary. In this case, printing is carried out on offset paper sheets (90 gsm for conventional envelopes and 100 gsm for Open End / Catalog Envelopes) and printed sheets are delivered flat to a supplier who will manufacture the envelopes. If you are in the need to produce envelopes that require bleeding on all sides, don’t worry, we have the solution. You can visit our Unfinished Sheet Printing subcategory and order the printing of your envelopes as flat unfinished sheets. We’ll deliver printed flat sheets to your envelope supplier. If you want more information on flat unfinished sheets, you can look the relevant subcategory up in our online store.

By clicking these links you’ll get more detailed information about types of paper, which is always necessary when it comes to printing envelopes:

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