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Print 22 x 35 cm. 1 Piece Canvas
22 x 35 cm. 1 Piece Canvas
Print 35 x 66 cm. 3 Piece Canvas
35 x 66 cm. 3 Piece Canvas
Print 44 x 70 cm. 4 Piece Canvas
44 x 70 cm. 4 Piece Canvas



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Custom photo canvas

1 pc., 22 x 35 cm format Photo Canvas. Choose the image from which you want to print a photo canvas and send it to us at the time of placing your order. We’ll print your photo and frame the canvas, fixing it on a stretcher and adding a hanger, so you can hang it wherever you want. The final effect is much like a painting: a creative way to show photos taken by you!

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3 piece photo canvas

1 or more images on a 3 panel photo canvas. All panels are the same size, but here the point is that finally you get a photo sized 66 x 35 cm split into 3 smaller pieces. We handle the photo splitting and prepare the canvas to get the effect you expect. This is a good choice if, for example, your photo is high quality and it’s a landscape that requires great amplitude.

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4 piece photo canvas

1 or more images on a 4 panel photo canvas. All panels are the same size: 22 x 35 cm, but here, as in the case of the 3 piece product, your photo(s) can be arranged as a set. As in the previous case, we’ll also handle the canvas preparation, the final set size being 70 x 44 cm. This type of canvas is ideal for dining rooms or large spaces.

Photo Canvas: Art and printing in perfect harmony

The art comes to the world of printing. Now you can print your own customized photo canvas. No need to settle for a standard canvas bought in the usual stores. We’ll print your own customized images, to your liking. How is that possible? In our online shop we respond to this question...

Did you make a suggestive design and you want to turn it into a picture? We’ve got the technology to get it! And what if you wish to make 3 canvases to display a single image, like a triptych? We can also do it. And even more: do you want to get 4 canvases, making up a single image (two up, two down)? We can also help with this.

This is not fiction. Our printing technology is capable of printing on E-Canvas Matt 340 g., which is nothing less than... fabric as that used for oil painting! In our online store we are offering the photo canvas, an original product that allows you to get a painting-style canvas by means of printing.

Custom canvas: free your imagination

When printing canvas, print quality is high, but price isn’t. In our online store you will verify that you can print cheap, high-quality canvases. Since you can design to your taste, we can say that printing canvas in our online store means custom canvas printing. The equation is simple: with us you can get cheap, customized, high-quality photo canvases.

Motifs for your photo canvas: Any motif you've captured with your camera is available to be printed on a photo canvas. That suggestive and exotic landscape that caught your eye during your last holidays. Or that set of flowers in a picturesque village, whose colorfulness fascinated you. All of them could be smart ways of dressing up your home walls.

Broad range of photo canvas available

In our online shop we offer you 3 specific products. First, we have the 1 piece canvas, in 22 x 35 cm. format. It’s a single canvas. Secondly, we have the 3 piece canvas in 35 x 66 cm format. It’s a set of 3 panels, like a triptych, which make up a single panoramic image. Thirdly, we have the 4 piece canvas in 44 x 70 cm. format It’s a set of 4 panels (two above and two below), which also display a bigger single image.

Expressed formats correspond to the visible image, that is, the actual canvas size after it’s been fixed to the stretcher. When making your design, please take into account that your image has to be a little bigger on 4 sides. And not including important details near the margins is always a smart decision.

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Photo canvas stretching

When we talk of photo canvas, we mean real painting-style canvases. Therefore, we assemble the canvas, once printed, on a wooden stretcher, just like an oil painting. This way, you only have to frame it if you want. Print your photo canvas with us and become an artist! You bring creativity, we contribute with the technique and the materials and, together, we can manage to make a true art work.

This is a really sturdy, 3.5 cm-thick stretcher, which provides volume to your canvas. It is very practical and useful to hang anywhere. We deliver the photo canvas with an already nailed hanger so that you just have to worry about receiving it at home and hanging it. We hope you enjoy it.

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