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Your trusted online printing

Online calendar printing is one of the most effective ways of advertising. Indeed, a calendar is valid 365 days a year. It is a very handy tool. It is very useful for looking up dates and writing down anniversaries and other important events.

Printing calendars is especially useful for those companies that wish to be present in the minds of customers and partners. And by saying this, we mean to be visible at all times and circumstances. Take an example. Suppose your client needs to hire the services your company offers. Logically, the client should recap and find suitable suppliers, which takes time. In modern workflow, where time is at a premium, your client will not spend more time than necessary, it will use the resources at hand, in sight, and ... perhaps there is something more in sight than a calendar?

Online calendar printing is one of the best marketing actions. The calendar is a product that doesn’t cause rejection, which is received with sympathy, we dare say. Its usefulness extends to both the professional and personal areas. It is very suitable for professionals, managers or directors of companies wanting to effectively manage their agendas. For them, the calendar is a helpful tool. It is also handy to write down or remember personal matters: the birthday of your daughter; your wedding anniversary; the date of that dance contest in a hotel in the beach; or scheduled days to enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

Here you can access a number of free templates for calendars and relevant information about wire-o binding, which is one of the most common types of bookbinding when it comes to printing a calendar:


Printing calendars: a broad distribution at a low cost (click this tab for more info)

Printing calendars: profitable marketing

The idea that printing calendars is expensive should be banished. Printing online calendars, far from being a luxury, is a must for all those companies or associations wishing to stand out from the crowd without undermining its economy. Since the available range of calendars is so broad, sure there are some that fits your specific needs. In our online shop we offer a wide range of products and print finishes.

Printing calendars online has never been so easy. Thanks to our online store it is now a straightforward task: you’ll be able to get prices almost instantly. And besides, you will see different combinations of features and finishes. Annoying and cumbersome budget requests, and delays when getting prices, are over. Here's the big difference with printers attached to the traditional business model.

Our online system provides prices right away for a full range of options and finishes. With this, all of our customers and users will save their time ... and their money, because, as we all know, time is money. See for yourself why printing calendars with us is a smart move.

What's the best time for calendar printing?

Usually, next year's calendars are sent out during the months of November and December.

Therefore, the best months for calendar printing are October, November and December (that is, the 4th quarter).

However, to avoid last-minute rushes, our experience shows that carrying out the design & layout during the summer is far better because the printing and sending out of the calendars can be done at the beginning of the fall season. In addition, as summer is mostly a vacational time, there is much more time for gathering ideas, taking pictures ... that may help us when designing our calendar.

Keep your calendar printing for your family

Once the present year is over, and before throwing the calendar into the blue container, ponder whether it'd be worth keeping it. Although the calendar has expired, it may contain relevant information that could be useful.

With regard to wall calendars, if your design includes large color photographs, you could cut them out and frame the best images. A nice calendar photo with a matching frame, becomes then a beautiful picture.

And when it comes to desktop calendars, you can trim and paste several pictures to make a collage, and then you can frame the whole set, resulting in a pretty composition. Or, if you have kids, the fact of cutting and pasting pictures can be good fun for them as well as educational. It's up to your imagination.

Be creative with calendar printing

Designing printed calendars grants you limitless creativity. Calendars are the ideal product to boost your creativity.

You can tackle any topic according to your interests: landscapes, recipes, products from the vegetable garden… or we can publicize the products we make, or the services we offer. The range of topics is broad. We couldn’t mention them all. As the Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer said: "He who has imagination, how easily gets a world from nowhere!"

Let your imagination be your best ally for your next calendar printing.

The different types of calendars can be classified into three main categories:

Hanging Calendars

imprimir calendarios

This kind of calendar can become a genuine art piece and decorate with taste the walls of your office or home. Its great advantage is that it can be seen and consulted by many people at once, ie, hanging calendars have an eminently collective vocation. Their larger size provides great visibility, while allowing for a more attractive design, as it allows the layout of large full-color photographs. Numbers are very readable, and there is enough space to make any annotations we need.

Its applications are numerous: offices; workshops; personal rooms; kitchens. Depending on the design, hanging calendars can be more suitable to a particular environment.

For example, we can design our calendar with pictures of food and / or ready meals, and include practical recipes (one recipe per month), so that in a single glance we can see the picture of the food, the current month and the recipe, and even we have free blank space to write down the ingredients we have to purchase for cooking the recipe. The ideal location for this type of calendar would be the kitchen, of course.

We can also design our calendar with evocative pictures of landscapes, accompanied by a short text indicating the geographic locations. Or we can design it with photographs of the products we make, adding a brief explanation about them, so that our customers and partners know what we can offer them. Or even we can design with photos of famous people in the world of culture or the media, for solidarity purposes aiming to aid a NGO.

Desk Calendars

imprimir calendarios online

Desktop calendars are the triangle-shaped calendars put on tables or taped down on computer screens.

There are several types of desktop calendars: the tent calendar and the standard table calendar having several sheets. The tent calendar has no sheets, it's like a kind of triangle where each face shows only six months, with smaller numbers.

The standard desktop calendar consists of a heavyweight paper base and several paper sheets ringed by a wire-o or spiral binding. Usually the base is printed on one side, and the paper sheets can be flipped as months go by. This type of calendar is more expensive, but the result is much more spectacular than the simple type.

The desktop calendar can be viewed by one person or a small number of them, since its location is on a table, whether it's an office or a private home. Its main advantage is that they are very handy for 2 main reasons: they are easy to handle and very convenient when it comes to writing down important information on them Indeed, who among us has not used a desk calendar to remember the day to undergo a car inspection? Or the birthday of a loved one? Or the weekend outing to the mountain farmhouse with our family? Not forgetting, of course, the meeting with that client so important to our company, or attendance at the fair in order to know the machinery or equipment with which to give new impetus to our business.

Pocket Calendars

imprimir calendarios barcelona

This type of calendars are exactly what the name suggests ... calendars that can be put in a pocket. They are small and manageable, with information on months, days and holidays, but in a smaller format. Pocket calendars usually have blunt edges, ie rounded, so they can fit into pockets without crumpling around the edges. It is advisable to choose blunt edges when placing your online order.

The usefulness of a pocket calendar is highly personal. Its size makes it ideal to carry in a wallet. This gives two main advantages: first, the pocket calendar is always with us, wherever we are, because it’s in our wallet next to our credit cards; and secondly, it can be at the same time a calendar and a business card.

Indeed, in the front we can design our logo and company name, and on the back we can lay out the months of the year: double utility which is certainly appreciated by the user. Besides a pocket calendar is a cheap gift in relation to the impact it may have on the recipient, because a business card has no useful value beyond the data printed on it. However, the information provided by a pocket calendar is kept longer in a wallet... as it lasts a whole year!

Suppose we are on an outing through one of those picturesque mountain trails, and at picnic time outdoors, in the company of our family and friends, we want to plan our next summer vacation. In this circumstance, our pocket calendar will be of great help to check the available dates.

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