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Business Cards
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Print business cards

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Printing business cards: your "letter of introduction"

In this digital age, business cards are still an irreplaceable graphic product. They may represent as your letter of introduction. In our professional relationships, we all need to introduce ourselves, that is, to make our company known. The ideal medium for this are business cards. By handing them out, your logo and company name, as well as your contact details, will be easily visible.

What is the essence of business cards? Its functionality. When printing business cards, in Europe the most common format is 8.5 x 5.5 cm, which allows us to insert our cards in our wallet and in our pockets, and carry them with us everywhere.

In our online shop, printing business cards is extremely simple ... and costs are really low.

Up to 25 models for your business cards

The professional activity of your company is dynamic, therefore, it requires a human team that powerfully contributes to its success. Printing business cards for your team is fundamental. In our online store we put at your disposal the printing of up to 25 models of business cards. This way you can add up different models of business cards in just one order, saving you time and money.

You can select an independent quantity for each model, or assign the same quantity for all models by just clicking on "Match quantities". Moreover, you can apply a reference on each model in order to identify them. All this in an easy-to-use and friendly environment. Under the different models you will see the total number of business cards to print and in the column "Your Price" you will get the exact price of your cards.

The design in the printing of business cards

Make your first impression count. When we contact someone, and they show us their business card, we immediately sense a "feeling". Therefore the design of our business cards should be both attractive and elegant, in order to make a good impression.

The design of a business card is made up of two main elements: on one hand the logo and name of the company and on the other hand the contact details. At first, our eyes turn to the logo and name of the company, so they must have an appropriate size and a consistent layout. Contact details are usually laid out in a smaller font size, and their placement on the business card is secondary.

When printing business cards, it is necessary to convey our brand image, so the design has to be visually appealing. In order to achieve this, you have to take into account two important style elements: corporate typography and colors.

Printed cards with luxury finishes

In our online shop we offer you print finishings worthy of the most outstanding graphic product. Not only you can laminate your business cards but also apply spot UV varnish, which allows you to protect and enhance your cards at the same time.

Another excellent finishing when it comes to printing business cards are blunt (rounded) corners. This technical solution not only brings originality to your cards, but also protects the fingertips from the annoying punctures of the paper. Note that paper weight for printing business cards has to be high, in order to get the required consistency.

Custom Business Cards

Optionally you can also customize your business cards by using Variable Data Printing. This is an excellent way for printing different business card models (eg the whole set of company employees and their position and contact details).

And remember... you can also create the layout of your business cards, if you do not have the time or the resources to do it yourself. We will show you how printing business cards in our online store is simple and friendly.

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