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Print business cards to introduce yourself

Business cards have become an essential element in the business world. Printing compelling, memorable business cards is one of the decisions that can help you stand out from the competition in the minds of your customers and prospects.

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5 models x 100 u. = 500 business cards 8,5 x 5,5 cm. = 50,07 €

Each model (100 u.) for 9,98 €

Order up to 25 different models on your business cards

25 mod x 100 u. = 2.500 business cards 8,5 x 5,5 cm. = 139,14 €

Each model (100 u.) for 5,56 €

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Individuals business cards

1 model 250 business cards 8,5 x 5,5 cm. = 24,83 €

Special price for 250 business cards

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Is it necessary to print business cards in a digital environment?

Definitely yes. New technologies (email, video conference, Internet messaging) allow us to be in touch with our contacts and keep business relationships alive, that’s true. But what’s also true is that trade fairs and exhibitions are increasingly widespread. Another proven fact is that people’s mobility is increasing at the same rate as transport options are evolving.

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Let’s take an example: imagine you are the Chief Executive for an organic food distribution company. Among your different and renown brands there’s one that performs a multi-day event in a famous Central European city. The purpose of the event is to present a new product range coming out soon. So you and other European distributors have been invited to attend that event.

Such event provides you an opportunity to meet other distribution companies and start a relationship with them, so that’s good for your business! Besides your laptop and your tablet… what are you going to carry with you? Custom Business Cards.

You can take flyers and other marketing collateral too. You need printed products in order to deliver them to the participants in the event. That’s the way you’ll really get noticed. Frankly, we don’t recommend you using your laptop or tablet to show your company information, and then asking the listeners to write it down on a paper.

Now let’s talk a bit more about trade fairs and exhibitions. Following the last example, let’s imagine you wished to have your own stand in a renowned organic products fair, which takes place in different cities of the country during the year. Business card printing is an excellent advertising medium. Besides exhibiting your most successful products and novelties, you should have a pack of customized business cards in your brand-new stand.

We must take into account that the audience of a fair receives lots of visual stimulus. But people cannot remember all of them. What they can do is to have look at the flyers, brochures and other printed products that they picked up during the event. Custom business cards are one of these products.

Business card online printing

At CEVAGRAF you can print your business cards online, full-color or black and white, quickly and cheaply. Our offset and digital printing machines allow us to provide cheap business cards without giving up high-quality printing and finishing.

We offer online printing of business cards at the most usual size (8.5 x 5.5 cm) and the most common heavyweight stocks (from 250 to 350 gsm), glossy and silk-coated.

Once you’ve chosen the paper, you’ll be able to add some finishing features to your business cards:

• Lamination: optional plastic layer that confers durability and better appearance to your business cards. You can choose glossy or matt, and it can be applied to just one or both sides of the cards.

• UV coating: this is a kind of silkscreen glossy varnish used to highlight some parts of a printed product. In business cards, UV can be used to highlight the company logo. It may be applied on one or both sides of the card, and price depends on the percentage of the total surface covered.

• Blunt edges: By paying a small extra, you can get this elegant design effect: rounded corners for your cards. This way, your business cards won’t get wrinkled when kept into a wallet or pocket. Apart from that, blunt edges provide a smooth touch when the cards are handled.

If you wish, you can choose to print portrait or landscape-oriented half folded business cards, Further, these cards allow you to show more information, and can help you get a more elegant and luxury feeling. This type of business cards is widely used by restaurants and law firms.

Business card types

When someone talks about printing cards business cards quickly come to our minds. These cards usually hold the company’s logo and some contact info (name, address, phone number, email, website) and they are useful to introduce the company to our prospects and associates.

Any sector can benefit of using business cards:

• Car repair shops.
• Home appliance stores.
• Law firms.
• Restaurants and cafes.
• Hardware stores.
• And so on.

Nevertheless, cards can be used in more different ways than we may think. For example: service cards. The main feature of these cards is their double functionality: As presentation cards indeed, but also as a kind of little follow-up documents where useful information for the user can be written down.

Service cards are specially useful for:

• Podiatry clinics.
• Phisiotherapy and osteopathy centers.
• Dental clinics.
• Ophthalmological centers.
• Beauty centers.
• Private health care centers.
• Hairdressers.
• Etc.

This type of cards usually have the logo, general data and contact’s name on the front side, and a grid where to write the next visit’s day on the back side.

If we decide to print half-folded business cards, we will be able to fit in more information. We have more space to insert our list of services, or even a location map to guide the user.

Wether we choose normal or half-folded business cards, we can print a QR code on them, so the user just has to take a photo with their smartphone in order to trigger the action coded (accessing our website, for instance).

“Business card” in other languages...

In French, the expression for “business card” is “carte de visite”. That is to say, “carte” means “card”. So we can see that the French and the English words are very similar.

“Carte” is also applicable to credit cards, made of plastic and delivered by banks. With credit cards you can buy or get cash. But with a business card you can get something better than that: you can open up ways so that wealth and prosperity reach your company!

Business cards have become an essential element in the business world. Printing compelling, memorable business cards is one of the decisions that can help you stand out from the competition in the minds of your customers and prospects. The benefits of printing business cards are many:

• Business cards convey the image of your company, help to generate confidence in the receiver in order to start or deepen your business relationship.

• The small size of the cards allows them to be carried in a pocket or wallet, so that if somebody require your services, the person who has received the card can easily keep it handy.

• They are a great help when it comes to growing your business; they can also be used as a small flyer in which indicate some advertising message (usually on the back).

Let's face it. In spite of intensively using IT to contact our customers and partners, there are many situations in our professional life that require direct and personalized treatment. Especially when it comes to closing important deals for our organization. Custom business cards are the most effective way to introduce ourselves in networking situations that require a face-to-face relationship.

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What if I need several models of business cards?

In our online shop you can print business cards with the possibility of ordering up to 25 different models. Ordering your business cards is very simple and practical in our online store. We have designed the menus to make your work easier. You can select the number of models of your business cards (from 1 to 25 models); You can assign a different quantity to each of them, or set the same quantity for all of them with just a click; You can reference each model (eg, the name of the person holding the card). And at any time you can see the total quantity of cards to print (which is the total quantity for all models), along with its price.

This way, production costs for your business cards are significantly reduced. By printing different models of cards in our online store, you are giving a new boost to your business!

How to design business cards with variable data

If you have to create business cards for many people at once it is no longer necessary to design them one by one. When it comes to printing business cards, companies usually print not only for one person but for a whole department, section or even the whole company. Here Variable Data Printing (VDP) is the ideal technology for producing cost-efficiently in terms of design and prepress.

To understand how to prepare VDP business cards we invite you to follow the link where through a video in our blog we explain step by step how to make them. You will see how simple and easy can be designing thousands of cards at once.

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