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Under the generic word "adhesives", we are encompassing a wide range of products, differing in their sizes, shapes and print substrates. What is then the baseline common to all products included under the term "adhesives"? First, they are very practical: they are intended to be stuck on different supports, to always be in sight. Second, they are irreplaceable. Many brochures or catalogs have a paper version and a digital version, or just one of them. The "adhesives", by their nature, have no digital version. Printed products that can be stuck, since the glue is incorporated into them.

Printing adhesives: a solution for the present and the future

Printing adhesives is a very common need in many sectors. Popular "stickers" have many applications. Printing vinyl stickers is also experiencing a boom, since they are emerging as a decorative element for homes and offices ... and as an effective advertising medium in stores.

Adhesives online, the easiest way to buy stickers and vinyls

In our online shop we offer you 2 products: First, Adhesives & Stickers, and secondly Vinyl Adhesives. What do they have in common? Adhesion, ie, can be stuck on a variety of supports. What is the difference? The material they are made of.

Indeed, stickers and labels use a paper support, specifically a permanent or superpermanent glossy adhesive paper. The glossy paper offers the advantage that colors show up bright and beautiful. Adhesives Vinyls are (obviously) made of vinyl, which can be “permanent white” or “translucent removable”. Vinyl is a synthetic material that, because of its composition, provides resistance to moisture and other atmospheric agents. The great strength of adhesive vinyl is its durability and resistance to moisture and humidity, making it suitable for outdoor environments, shop windows or display cases ... but it is also valid to decorate the walls of your store, office or home.

Custom vinyls

When the time to buy your adhesives comes, we offer the possibility to customize vinyls and adhesives. How? By means of VDP (Variable Data Printing). Customization is a very innovative and differentiating factor in the printing industry. Custom vinyls get a great market acceptance, because people loves to see products with their names and other personal data on them. This shows the companies' commitment with the confidence, proximity and personal treatment to their customers and employees.

But not only vinyls can be customized, paper stickers too. Whatever your need, thanks to VDP, we can make each one of your adhesives literally unique... because we know that each of your customers, each of your partners, is also unique.

Diversity of formats available for adhesives and vinyls

To cover a wide range of needs in our online store we offer you a variety of formats for your adhesives. From the smallest sizes, up to 34 x 48 cm. for paper stickers and up to 28 x 45 cm. for vinyls.

Do you want to know all the possibilities we offer for printing adhesives? Access any of this products on our online shop and you’ll be amazed…

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